A Thank You from Nika

Thank you to Brookline, Jamaica Plain, Mission Hill, & Roslindale, and to all our Team Nika Elugardo for State Representative staff, volunteers and supporters near and far for this hard-earned victory in the Massachusetts 15th Suffolk/Norfolk district. It’s an honor to be your Representative-Elect. It’s an honor to be part of a movement for true democracy and justice for all. I’m looking forward to continuing the work of justice with you and to building community leadership and voice inside and outside the MA State House.

Congratulations to my sisters Ayanna Pressley, Rachael Rollins, and Liz Miranda for your stunning victories!! And to neighbors Jon Santiago and Tommy Vitolo for your hard fought wins. Congratulations also to Jay Gonzalez for winning the Democratic nomination for Governor.

My heart is with the challengers who did not prevail this time. Never give up the fight. We are still with you!

Thank you to my family who helped us win in so many practical and loving sacrificial ways. Thank you to Representative Jeffrey Sanchez for your 16 years of service in the House and for running a strong and spirited race. Thank you to my future colleagues in the State House and beyond for your well wishes and support.


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