headshot of Kim Janey

Kim Janey

Former Boston Mayor

“Nika’s remarkable leadership as a representative has helped to affect racial and social justice for her district. I know she will do the same for the Second Suffolk District. Her record shows a consistent focus on anti-racism, equity, and justice for those who need it most like our many incarcerated and justice-involved loved ones and children, as well as working with us to identify and articulate what is fair and equitable in our state legislation. This is why I am endorsing Nika for Senate.”

headshot of Mel King in black and white

Mel King

State Representative, 9th Suffolk

“Over the past 30 years, it has been one of the delights of my life to watch Nika learn and grow and lead the way leaders should lead. In her work as State Rep, and long before in her work across this city and beyond, Nika has led with the power of love and not the love of power. She makes sure that youth leadership is central to the work of justice and understands that when our world is in their hands, our world is in good hands. We need Nika’s leadership in the Senate, because as long as she is there, I know our world is in good hands.”

headshot of Kendra Lara

Kendra Lara

Boston City Councilor

“Nika has dedicated her time and energy to mentoring young women of color coming into elected office. Her ability to teach while learning is inspiring and a characteristic we should all want in our State Senator. I am thrilled to endorse her, not just for me but for US.”

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