Latino Leaders and Puerto Rican Veterans Endorse Nika Elugardo for State Senate in the Second Suffolk District

[Boston, MA, August 18, 2022] — Today, the Nika Elugardo campaign for State Senate announced the endorsement of 15 local leaders and activists. These leaders join a list of fellow elected officials and activists from across the Senate District in saying Nika Elugardo is the leader needed for the Second Suffolk State Senate District. In announcing their endorsements, these leaders highlight State Rep Elugardo’s thoughtfulness, expertise, and commitment to the people of the district as the reason for their support. 

“The September 6th primary election offers the communities of the 2nd Suffolk a very special opportunity to set a new standard for their representation in the Senate just as these community powerhouses have raised the bar for leadership in their respective areas of influence. I am honored by their faith in me, and I am inspired by our shared vision for amplifying the transformational leadership of Boston to build Black and Brown political and economic power across the Commonwealth,” says Rep. Elugardo.

The Puerto Rican Veterans will follow up this endorsement with an event in support of Representative Elugardo at “the Bunker” (affectionately known name for Jaime Rodriguez’s homestead) on Saturday, August 20th.

The Puerto Rican Veterans endorsing Rep. Elugardo include:

  • Tony Molina
  • Jaime Rodriguez
  • Pedro Santiago
  • Guillermo Candelario

Joining the Puerto Rican Veterans are Latino Leaders from across the Second Suffolk District Boston including:

  • Registrar of Deeds Felix D. Arroyo
  • Jose Masso III
  • Councilor Ricardo Arroyo
  • Councilor Kendra Lara
  • Carmen Pola
  • Paola Bustamante
  • Alex Garcia
  • Alexandra Oliver-Dávila
  • Norma Rey-Alicea
  • Cristina Aguilera

“Nika is always a reliable and committed ally in the fight for true justice for all. She doesn’t play politics and is an authentic leader to the core. By electing Nika, we are getting a transformational Senator who will stand with the people, fight for us, and never back down from a tough fight to expand the political and economic power of Black and Brown Boston for generations to come,” says D5 Councilor Arroyo.

“Nika is a leader who operates in love, in wisdom, and in power. I trust her implicitly to listen to and work on behalf of our communities, delivering justice and opportunity to each neighborhood in her district, as she has always done. Nika will lead on Beacon Hill with every 2nd Suffolk constituent, and all the residents of the Commonwealth, in her heart and at the forefront of her mind,” says Arroyo.  

Lara said, “During her time as a State Representative, Nika has been committed to her goals of expanding civil rights, increasing accessibility to housing and health care, and supporting marginalized groups, including BIPOC, LGBTQ+ individuals, and immigrant communities. Nika has dedicated her time and energy to mentoring young women of color coming into elected office. Her ability to teach while learning is inspiring and a characteristic we should all want in our State Senator. I am thrilled to endorse her, not just for me but for US.”

“She has the vision, the will, and the spirit that will result in the most positive outcomes for all of my fellow residents of the Second Suffolk District. I wholeheartedly endorsed Nika, and I know the Second Suffolk District will be in good hands with her as our Senator,” says Massó.

“Nika takes the ego out of politics, which is so rare these days. She doesn’t allow politics to change her values, and she leads with integrity. Nika is an exceptional listener who makes everyone feel seen. Above all else, she has the respect for the community to not only keep her feet on the ground to do the work, but also to thoroughly research and understand the issues to create policies that bring more justice to our daily lives. As an indigenous Latina from Boston, I am proud to see how Nika uses her voice to bring women of color to the table in a city and state that too often use our faces and not our ideas,” said Rey-Alicea.

“I am with Nika for Senate, because I have seen  the results of her impactful actions and experience, as well as the power of her humanity and brilliance. Nika has the character, the values and the courage to open hearts and minds inside and outside of the State House, to bring progress and opportunities to vulnerable and all communities,” said Aguilera.

“We have decided to support Nika Elugardo for State Senator because she represents diversity. She is accessible to people, knows first-hand the difficulties and needs of the citizens of the city of Boston. As a State Senator, she can advocate for small businesses to have access to federal funds to expand and improve their businesses. She can push laws that allow lower-income residents to opt for federal funds to buy their homes and minority students to go to safe public schools equipped with technology so that they can be educated at a high level and occupy prestigious and well-reputed positions. We are committed to this candidacy that belongs to everyone!!!!!!,” said Garcia and Bustamante.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Nika over the past several years on issues related to the positive development of the young people in our community. I am glad to count on her as a partner in the very necessary and hard work of toppling systemic racism and supporting issues of equity for our communities of color,” said Oliver-Dávila.

“I support her commitment to people in the neighborhoods and keeping us in the neighborhood informed about what’s happening in the government. She respects the message she receives for us in reference to policy. I really respect and admire how she takes care of individuals in the community,” said Pola.
These endorsements join the Massachusetts Teachers Association, JP Progressives, Boston Ward 10 Democratic Committee, former Mayor Kim Janey, civil rights activist Mel King, State Representative Russell Holmes, former City Councilor Tito Jackson, Hyde Park and Mattapan leaders –  Dr. Atyia Martin, Helena Tonge, Marcia Kimm Jackson, Mimi Turchinetz, and Roxbury activists Angelina Camacho and Dorothea Jones. For more information, visit For all press inquiries, please email

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