Our prison system, which could be providing opportunities to create second chances, instead further hardens and harms promising young men and women. We’ve made small strides through Criminal Offender Record Checks (CORI) reform, but we have not gone far enough.

Despite attempts at reform, the criminal justice system still perpetuates systemic racism, sexism, and generational poverty.

To break these cycles, I will support:

  • Eliminating excessive fees
  • Mandatory training concerning unconscious bias and mental health first aid training for police officers, and other public servants
  • A $2,500 felony threshold, (similar to what other conservative states use)
  • Abolishing solitary confinement
  • Increased mental health access and other services in state correctional facilities
  • Support transformative justice legislation and incarceration reform by addressing racial and income inequalities
  • Support cost reduction and waste by emphasizing re-education and community restoration
  • Support removal of addiction services from our prisons, to be put into the appropriate health care system

Can you support the campaign today? Every dollar counts!