As the #metoo movement gives voice to the pervasive sexual harassment and sexual violence that has been long-standing in our communities, I will speak out and take action that ensures the safety of individual women, while creating systemic change that guarantees opportunity and prosperity for all women. Women and girls must thrive in their homes, at school, in workplaces, and in the halls of government. Our common good depends upon it. The global movement for gender justice has never been stronger. Over the past year, I have proudly stood with a diverse group of women to strategize, protest, serve, lead, and take action across issue areas. Women’s issues are not restricted to reproductive health care, pay equity, and services for survivors of sexual harassment and violence. Education, workforce development, criminal justice reform, LGBTQ+ rights, and housing are all women’s issues.

I will:

  • Support comprehensive health care for women which includes advocating for access to reproductive health care. This means taking legislative action to eliminate antiquated anti-choice laws, removing barriers for young women seeking abortions, increasing confidentiality in health care laws, and ensuring that schools provide age-appropriate, culturally competent, medically-accurate sex education.
  • Join with advocates who continue to hold the line on no-copay birth control
  • Enforce the new Massachusetts Equal Pay Act and the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act while effectively advocating for comprehensive paid family leave legislation
  • Reject all forms of punitive welfare “reform”

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