Elugardo Calls for Tax Relief for Lower-Income Residents

Rep Nika Elugardo urged the Governor and legislative leadership to ensure that tax relief proposals this year benefit those who need it most. Elugardo offered her reaction to House leadership’s package of $1 Billion in tax cuts.

As quoted in the Bay State Banner, Rep Elugardo commented, “The budget shows we’re trying to provide even relief over the spectrum of incomes. My value is different — it’s to provide relief that’s much heavier at the lower end of the income spectrum and much lighter at the top.”

The leadership’s proposals take advantage of state revenue surpluses and federal relief funds to counter rising costs in the state. While agreeing with the relief goal, Elugardo urged that the legislature “take steps away from the state’s regressive flat income tax, which continues to put a greater burden on have lower-income residents pay more than wealthier taxpayers.”

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